Volleyball Skills Used


Skills Used to play volleyball



The clockwise movement of players around the court and through the serving position following a side out.



It is the only skill controlled exclusively by one player. A successful server is one who can use their serving skills as an offensive weapon by utilizing a combination of speed, accuracy, and low trajectory.
There are many types of serve. The most common used are:

Underhand serve, Side-float serve, overhand-float serve, and jump serve.



Also know as the overhead pass. This skill is executed above the head to direct the ball at the desired target. It is the preferred skill to use on a second touch since it allows the ball to remain above the net for contact. There is a variety of sets used today. The most popular with younger players are the forward set, back set and quick set.



Here are several terms used when talking about the pass.

  • Forearm pass is the style used when receiving a serve. The ball is intercepted and rebounded off the forearms to the setter.

  • Dig is the pass form used to receive the opponent’s attack (hit). The player must try and get their hips lower than the ball and let their arms absorb the force of the contact.

  • Sprawling is used to undercut the ball to the intended target by stepping through to a 90-degree angle. Players follow through after making contact with the ball by turning the lead knee outward and placing the opposite hand on the floor.

  • Dive is used to contact the ball while the body is flying through the air, preferable with two hands. Then the body falls to ground making contact with the hands first, then chest, stomach and legs. Players must remember to keep their chin up!

  • Pancake passing is used to contact a low ball out of the body line. The defender runs and dives to reach the ball with their body fully extended out so the ball can be under scooped with the back of the hand. They make contact while the ball several inches before it hits the floor popping it up in the air.

  • Roll is used to increase the range of motion when running to make a pass. The momentum created from a run dictates a roll as the easiest and quickest method to recover back into a playable position. There are several forms of rolls; barrel roll and shoulder roll are the most popular.


Also known as spiking, or hitting. This is the one skill every player wants to master. The attack is the technique used to send the ball into the opponent’s court at a speed and downward motion that will be undefended.
The basic hitting skill starts by lifting both arms as if you were jumping in the air. Then cock your hitting arm back with your hand open ready to swing. Your non-hitting arm is reaching for the sky and then being lower to your target. As you swing your arm like a catapult, snap your wrist with a strong hand. Simultaneously your non-hitting arm is bending and tucking its elbow into your stomach with the hand chest height.
There are many variations to attack: power attack, angle, dink off speed,
cut back, corner, deep middle, wipe-off/tool, line and seam.



A Fast stride towards the net by an attacker before she jumps in the air to attack or block.





A ball that when attacked is blocked by a defender for a point.


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